Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cough cough


Sickness is just so persistent, isn’t it? That winter sickness that comes with being surrounded by kids and their still-developing ability to cover their mouths and use tissues, not sleeves, to clean up their snot.

Pebble is fine, mostly. The cough lingers at night, but she’s generally happy, healthy, bright eyed. Now it’s my turn. The aching. The swollen, painful-to-swallow throat. The throbbing ears. The foggy head. All mine.

I stayed home from work today, hoping that a day of rest would give me a chance to properly get better. Unfortunately, if anything, I now feel worse. However. Work needs me.

I know, how sad does that sound? I’m not one of these people that drags themselves to work, coughing and sneezing, moaning about how sick I am, and thereby dragging my sorry arse into a sicker state (and everyone else around me).

Today is a case in point. When I’m sick I take a day off. Luckily I have shed-loads of sick leave. Also luckily, I am rarely sick.

BUT. The children! Their young minds and hearts! They need me! More to the point, all the little jobs, odds and sods, and my end of a shared teaching job need my attention. Not only am I leaving 24 little people without me, but my ‘other half’, my co-teacher, who could potentially turn up to work next week with a whole lotta stuff not attended to.

The guilt of having a sick day when you’re a teacher, let alone a co-teacher… hell, when you’re anybody, I suspect….  is just shitsville. I know I should just get over it. Build a bridge. What’s done is done, whatever shall be shall be. Will anyone remember this in ten years time? Probably not.

In any case, I’m going to leave the final decision to the morning. Which is the perfect way to stuff up a nights sleep – a night undecided, guilt-ridden torment.

Well, y’all sleep well now.


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  1. Just rest and get better. It's better to get over it at home than spread your germs and not fire at your best. A day in bed is better that a week of feeling crap. Take care x


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