Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rainy Days

It’s raining a lot here in Adelaide lately, off and on. We’re stuck inside quite a bit and Pebble is suffering from either a cold, the repercussions of her latest immunisation jab, or perhaps hand, food and mouth disease thanks to her child care debut. Great! The result, no matter what the cause, is a grumpy, clingy, tired, snotty, whingey kid – the poor bugga. Today was supposed to be the first time that she had a morning with Grandma ‘just because’, and I was planning on getting lots of work done. Relying on getting lots of work done, actually. After a shocking night last night where none of us got any sleep because of these sickeningly crackly coughing fits, it was decided that sick bubba needs her mumma and the plan to visit Grandma was abandoned.

Work to be done + sick child = you’re screwed.

I decided I needed a plan and immediately got to work making play dough and setting up some play activities. The play dough making itself was fun times for all (seriously!), then there was some play dough exploration, followed by a lounge room picnic with Ted and play dough food. This led to a birthday party for everyone in turn, a Pebble photography session, and then eventually allowed for a little independent play time while Mumma got her work on. I often find that a little TLC and fun play can lead to a little less clinginess and more independent play from Pebble for a little while at least. As long as it’s followed by a little more TLC and more play, of course Smile. And I won’t lie to you…. ABC Kids is my friend at times like these.


I managed to get the work done, and had bursts of loveliness with our long suffering patient. Right now I’m listening to her coughs through the baby monitor, increasing in frequency at an alarming rate. I know I only have moments before it’ll be off to bed for me, Pebble along side, and a rough night of both of us tossing and turning. C'est la vie.

Good night all.


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