Monday, September 19, 2011

City 2 Bay 2011

Well, we did it! With absolutely NO preparation my sister and I walked 12km from Adelaide to Glenelg to raise money for Novita. I think that from the moment I registered for the City 2 Bay I went into denial about it. I think I may have been lucky to go for three walks between registration and the event. I’m terribly unfit at the moment (hello gym membership!) and even though we were only planning to walk I was a little scared of how my body would respond to it!

I am pleasantly surprised that I am not dead today. And that we crossed the line. We even jogged over the line! You’ve got to find the positives, right? My body feels sore, but not crazy sore, and I enjoyed a few minutes of yoga this morning to stretch it out. Actually, that’s a total lie. I suffered a few minutes of a toddler climbing over me while I tried to do a yoga DVD. Then I gave up. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I repeat: Hello Gym Membership!

It’s not to late to donate to Novita and sponsor our walk. You have until October 22nd. Aren’t you lucky!? Here’s the link, every dollar counts!

Here are some snaps from our day, it was perfect weather for it, sunny mid to high 20s and the crowds were out in force.

2011-09-18 08.23.422011-09-18 08.23.492011-09-18 09.50.552011-09-18 09.17.15SAMSUNG            2011-09-18 11.01.29

Did you do the City 2 Bay? How did you go?


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