Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Early Mornings

2011-09-20 06.59.16

It’s a good thing that I’m a morning person. This morning I got up at 5.30am to head to my first gym session. I wasn’t brave enough to try the class, but shuffled into the cardio room to have a go at treadmills and other such things.

I climbed onto one of the newer looking, fancy treadmills. This happened to be at the end of the room that seemed more brightly lit, more populated by joggers and very fit looking people in shiny, tight work out gear. I stood looking at the panel of buttons in front of me, pressed a couple, glanced left and right, pressed a couple more, then quietly slunk away back to the other side of the room. The slightly darker side, with the older machines and the people more like me. Not quite as fit. Not quite as tight and shiny.

I gave it a red hot go. I even jogged a little bit. A very little bit. I listened to podcasts and tuned into the music videos using my phone. That bit was fun. My goal was to sweat, and sweat I did. I am very unfit, shockingly unfit. My body isn’t happy with the way I’ve been treating it (or not treating it, as the case may be) and it’s letting me know about it.

Dear Body, I promise you we’re going to feel better soon. Love, Me x.


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  1. I so badly want to go back to the gym but we cant afford it :( Before i fell pregnant with Flynn i went to the gym 6 days a week, plus 2 classes, and i miss it so much ( and, unfortunately, i cant motivate myself to just walk or jog around the neighbourhood ).
    So advice from an ex-gym junkie is start out slowly, build some confidence, and then you'll find you start enjoying it and you'll actually WANT to go harder,faster,higher! Good luck!


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