Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bliss amongst chaos

2011-09-21 17.33.56One of the shinier moments of the day
( taken with my Samsung Galaxy. Untouched, no fancy tools, just the phone camera. How amazing is technology these days?)

What a strange day! It started so cool and crisp, I bundled Pebble and I up, but before I knew it the sun was shining and I had a Hills Hoist weighed down with laundry. But enough about laundry. Honestly, I’ll have to start getting some sponsorship from Omo or something, with the frequency of my posts on the topic.

Pebble’s cough is going on and on and on. She’s quite happy in between times, but naps and sleeps are broken (both hers and mine), and the snot is free flowing. Her mood crashed big time this afternoon. She was laughing then she was CRYING, then she was giggling, then she was SCREAMING, she was calmly playing, then she was SO FRUSTRATED. I think this bug that she’s caught is starting to take it’s toll on her.

This morning we just had her all packed up ready to go to Grandma’s for the morning so that I could clean house. We’ve only had two run throughs of this new routine so far and I’m already addicted. I have come to rely on it, my house is home to dust bunnies and they must be chased away. So there was Pebble, sitting in her car seat, ready to go. I lean in for a kiss, but she’s a bit distressed about having to get off the swing and get in the car. She cried, she coughed, she cried, she coughed, she coughed and coughed and coughed and BLEAUGH!……… and BLEEEAAAUUUGH! Vom. Everywhere.

Out the car. Strip off the clothes. Wipe the tears. On with more clothes. Laughing and making BLEAUGH sounds, to make light of the situation. She thought it was quite hilarious. Until she bumped her head on her book case. She CRIED.

What a way to start the day! We decided to plough on and continue with the plan. She was fine, Grandma would take care of her, she’s fine, fine, fine. Byeeeeeee! She was gone. I called them a couple of hours later but I got no answer, which meant they’re out for one of their walks. No probs, all good.

Meanwhile I whizzed around the house, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing, hanging, collecting, folding, scrubbing, wiping, tidying. I sat at my desk googling, reading, planning, writing, making notes for our next inquiry unit at school, getting excited about it. With about an hour left, and still a few little jobs to do I though YES. This is MY time.

I did something that I haven’t done in two and a half years. Not since I got pregnant with Pebble. I had a bath. Hot water. Bubbles. Trashy mags (thanks to the friend I visited yesterday!). BLISS. Thirty minutes of soaking and flicking through glossies before jumping out, quickly scrubbing the shower and throwing on some clothes to pick up Pebble. I felt so good after that bath. And after all that cleaning and planning. Everything was new again!

But. There had to be a but, right? Pebble had fun at Grandma’s and she was doing pretty well. Then the arvo was whittled away with some grocery shopping, dinner preparation, and some play in the back yard. But the cough was getting worse, the mood was getting more intense, the snot was flowing more freely. She was hot and clammy and everything was going wrong!  She couldn’t get her baby doll to do what she wanted, she couldn’t get the doll house people to sit just so, she screamed her way through a bath (that’s actually pretty normal) and sobbed her way through one (or ten) too many tantrums.

She’s in bed now, but the monitor is crackling with the sound of her coughing. I have already resettled her once. I have a feeling that I’m on borrowed time here tonight and I’ll be cuddling her in our bed before I know it, propped up with pillows, trying to sleep with a light shining on my face. A light? Well, that’s a story for another day.

I hope you get a better sleep that we will around these parts.



  1. Oh a bath, I have been dreaming of a hot, quiet, uninterrupted bath lately *sigh*

  2. No sleepin around here the last 5 days either - my 21 month old caught a virus where he's had a fever on and off and this horrible, hacking cough... and 3 days into it his dad caught it too. So if i'm not putting the toddler back to bed i'm contending with a grumpy adult male with the night sweats and a bark!


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