Friday, September 23, 2011

Mummy, come!

2011-09-22 09.37.26

A quickie update because I have about five minutes to myself and I want those five minutes to include champagne, chocolate and MY tv choice.


- Pebble is still sick but much better. I had to stay home with her on Thursday as she was too sick for child care and all our back up baby sitters were busy, sick or working. Can’t complain, we’re so lucky to have so many people to call on. Today she stayed home with Grandma.

- she’s not too sick not to call my name. Constantly. Followed by a command. Mummy, come! Mummy, up! Mummy, bobble (bottle)! Mummy, wice (rice)! Mummy, hide! I’m not even sick of it yet. Honestly. She’s just so cute with it. AND she’s getting very good at saying ‘peas’ (please). p.s. we’re officially into the telegraphic speech phase (two words together).

- that means that I had to squeeze two teaching days into one, so it was a frantic day. My favourite part was the kid who lost his shoe on the roof. How’d that happen? “I was just running, and when I was running it just kind of fell up there”. Yeah, sure kid.

- I went to my first Body Pump class last night. I really enjoyed it and will be back for more. Then again they do say that the pain comes on day two after the hard work, so we’ll see if I’m still singing that song tomorrow.

- tomorrow is going to be crazy. Cooking my first ever baklava for a Greek style dinner party. I’ve never even eaten baklava, so it should be an interesting experience! Then a birthday party for five year old twins before we’re off to said dinner party.

Happy Friday Night!



  1. Poor sick bubba. Hope the weekend brings some relief.
    How 'funny' are kids - and their flimsy explanations?!!
    Enjoy your Greek dinner - yum!

  2. I love it when they start talking! It's great.

    Mmmm baklava! My favourite. x


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