Monday, September 12, 2011

Ground Hog Day


Yeah, I am blessed. I am a very, very lucky woman (am I really a WOMAN? That sounds SO grown up). I’m grateful for my wonderful life. I mean that.

But can I tell you a secret? Sometimes it. is. just. so. BORING.

I have a friend who’s motto (one of many, actually) is “boring people get bored”.

So maybe I’m a boring person. But sometimes the whole nappies, dishes, washing, grocery shopping, various government/doctors/whatever office waiting areas, pushing swings, hide-and-sodding-seek (oh my god, I’m so bored with hide and seek!), chalk drawing, yet another play on yet another pay-per-ride (we never, ever PAY for that ride), The.Never.Ending.Teacher.Prep, the present buying, the cooking of the dinner, the more with the teacher prep.

Maybe I’m just riding the crimson wave, but today I had a serious case of the MEHs.

Meh to it all.

I love that kid, love her to bits and pieces. Sure we had some laughs today. We laugh every day. And sometimes, occasionally, her new hiding place is cute. And I’ll never, ever get bored with the cuddles. Ever.

See, I can’t help buy segue* to how freakin cute she is. But somebody, PLEASE, tell me they will lose their shit if they get one more request to blow a bubble?*


* I totally had to look up the spelling of that word. I tried ‘segway’. A different thing entirely, as it happens.

** I reserve the right to find my happy-shiny again and potentially post happy-shiny photos. Of bubbles. And hide and seek. And talk about how much I loved it.


  1. Oh yes - the monotony can be mind numbing some days!!
    Hey - at least your child manages a new spot in hide n seek! Mine is more predictable than the dodgy trolley wheel.

  2. Preaching to the converted here. Some days it is all I can do not to scream at having to have the same arguments with the kids over & over & over. I find motherhood can be very much like Groundhog Day a lot of the time.


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