Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The view from here

2011-09-13 13.24.58

This was the view from my back yard today. This was actually the worst view of the day, believe it or not. The sky cleared up and it was a brilliant clear blue all afternoon. I do like the pattern of the clouds though.

I’m not quite happy-shiny today, but I do have a better outlook on things compared to yesterday.

For starters, Pebble kicked arse at swimming. To give some background we’ve endured about four weeks of clingy, “NO”, “I’ll do it myself, my way” swimming lessons, with refusal to put her head under when she used to swim three seconds under water. It hasn’t really been a biggie, we’re there for fun and to learn a bit about water safety. The instructor doesn’t push it, and neither do I. We adapt and go with the flow and it’s all good.

However. TODAY Pebble was a star swimmer and she was loving it. Well, she always loves it, but today she seemed really proud of herself and her clever swimming skills. She was under, she was kicking, she was floating, she was diving, she was running and jumping in, she was blowing real bubbles for the first time and she was happy, happy, happy.

The arvo flew by, we had an appointment for our car which meant I had to leave it in the shop for about an hour. An hour at the nearby park felt like a really looooong prospect. The park is great, it’s fun, she loves it, but it’s just so DONE. Instead, we trundled to the library, we hadn’t been there for ages. She climbed on the mini-train, played with the bead puzzle, refused to read any books (of course) and we borrowed some new books for home.

Then we went to the park, and I was surprised to bump into two people that I kind of know and I had a chat with them while Pebble went wild on the equipment. She’s getting to the age where she can do everything herself if there is the right kind of equipment. In fact, she MUST do everything herself. I was told to “way, way” and she shooed me. Like a pesky fly. Lovely.

Three days of work ahead of me, I’m actually looking forward to it. A few days of teaching will well and truly knock the MEH out of me! Not looking forward to the child care drop offs, but that’s another story.


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