Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lazy Productive Saturday


  • Slept in (6.30am instead of 6am).
  • Conquered Dish Mountain (A wok? I haven’t used a wok since Tuesday…. oh).
  • Played hide and seek.
  • More washing. Snore.
  • Played house.
  • Planned for The Teaching.
  • Ate this. Addicted.
  • Stayed in our PJs.
  • Drank lots of tea.
  • Ate giant strawberries.
  • Didn’t cook a thing.
  • Drew pictures.
  • Heard “Mummy, Mummy, watch! Mummy, Mummy, look!, MUMMY!” 1023 times.
  • Watched and looked.
  • Worked some more.
  • Played some more.
  • Ate some more.
  • Watched a movie.
  • Cuddled.

A Good Day.

How was your Sunday Saturday? Saturday felt sooo much like Sunday. Love it when that happens.


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