Thursday, October 20, 2011

Having a chat

2011-10-20 19.38.16With her bedtime posse.

Pebble is just so chatty these days, she’s always telling me this or that, naming things, asking about things, explaining things. She’s only just started to occasionnally use three word sentences instead of always two word sentences, and she communicates so much with those few words – not to mention the emphatic gestures and intonation. For example:“GO ‘WAY MUMMY” (grand sweeping arm movements). Just lovely. Or: “want to, want to” (with a big sulky frown, and which actually means ‘I don’t want to’). 

Tonight at dinner, however, I got some much friendlier conversation.

Me: Who did you play with at Toddler House today?
Pebble: Um, Ayex (Alex, primary carer)
M: Who else?
P: Nona (Fiona, primary carer)
M: Anyone else?
P: Um. Kids.
M: Can you tell me the kids names?/
P: Ummmmm. Yockie (Lockie – I assume!).
M: Did you play in the sandpit today?
P: (nods) dig, dig (digging motion)
M: Who played in the sandpit?
P: Ayex
M: Did you do some painting today?
P: (nods)
M: What did you paint?
P: Boo (blue)
M: Blue? That sounds nice.
P: (thinks for a minute) Red!
M: Red too?
P: pink!
M: What did you have for lunch today?
P: Soup. Dink It.
M: What else?
P: Bed (bread). Sweep (sleep).
M: Did you sleep at Toddler House?
P: (nods and makes snoring sounds).

This whole exchange was relaxed and chatty, while we ate our dinner and hung out. We often have little chats but this time it really felt like she understood everything I was saying. Usually she understands a little bit, and then we get something lost in translation and she’ll start talking about something totally random. I’m going to lap every little bit of this up before she starts answering these daily questions with “nothing” and “dunno”.

What’s the dinner table conversation like at your place?


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  1. I love when they get their little chat on!
    Flynn amazes me with his conversational skills - he speaks in 4 and 5 word sentences at least half the time ( we even got a 6 word sentence the other day! ) and puts small sentences together aswell. Like just now - he sat down on his toy bucket and then went " Help mum - i'n (i'm ) stuck! "
    Its been one of my favourite parts of his development...


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