Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pebble – 21 months

21 Months2

Dear Pebble

Twenty one months! You are nearly two, but it seems like you’re really two already. You are so independent, so VERY independent. Everything is “me do”, “me turn”. And you can do nearly everything yourself (as long as mummy is patient). Here are some of the things that you’re doing and loving and saying these days:

You love:

  • dancing and wearing your dancing skirt
  • drawing
  • playing with “bes fens” (best friends)
  • hide and seek (still!)
  • taking baths with your toys
  • playing “oside” (outside)
  • going to the park
  • play dough
  • playing at your grandparents houses
  • shopping!
  • reading books with mummy and daddy
  • sleeping with your big teddy, little teddy AND baby
  • eating pasta, rice, cheese, peas and grapes (some things never change)
  • to have control over everything, all the time
  • cuddles in bed with mummy and daddy
  • playing “etend” (pretend - shopping, eating, driving, mummies and babies)
  • help mummy do jobs around the house (dust, pack up toys, refill the toilet paper holder, hang out washing, put your dishes in the sink, put your rubbish in the bin)
  • kicking a ball
  • Peppa Pig. LOTS of Peppa Pig

You don’t like

  • being told what to do
  • getting into or out of the bath. the middle bit is fun
  • putting your head under the water in swimming lessons
  • having your nappy changed (since birth!)
  • getting dressed (unless it’s in a “serk” (skirt)
  • big groups of people. It takes you a while to warm up

You have learned to:

  • sit still while you have your hair washed (YAY!)
  • count to ten with help from mum or dad
  • say almost any word that you want
  • say your favourite words much more clearly
  • say three words in a sentence
  • climb almost anything
  • brush you teeth pretty well by yourself
  • climb into your car seat on your own
  • sing lots of nursery rhymes
  • do all the actions to Justine Clarke’s ‘Dancing Face’
  • try lots of new foods, even if you decide that you don’t like them
  • do a ‘fluff’ on demand whenever you hear anyone else do one (not Mummy, of course)
  • sleep in your own big bed through the night sometimes
  • take off your own clothes
  • say please nearly every time when you ask for something

You are an absolute pleasure, we laugh and learn with you every day. We love you xx

With love from

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  1. Beautiful post for precious little Pebble they grow so fast and never stop learning love that about kids. Enjoy your day Kylie

    Always Wendy


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