Monday, October 31, 2011

The Health Report


Pebble is still recovering from this looooooong viral visit. I really wish it would just bugger off. This afternoon we got a glimpse of our little girl again, she started singing, dancing, chatting, running around like a mad thing. It was quite a shock actually! A shock to me and then…. .eventually…. to her. Now she has hit a wall, she looks like a zombie again, all red ringed and saggy baggy eyes, and pale blotchy cheeks.

She was diagnosed with Fifth Disease (slap face) on Friday afternoon, and since then the rash has completely disappeared. However the zombie look was constant, along with no appetite, until Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see her enjoy a little meat feast at Grandad David’s BBQ birthday lunch! This morning Paul and I were still very unimpressed with her progress though, and a bit worried about her little pale and tired face. I dragged her to the doctors again (that’s three times in a week, if you’re counting). He was very reassuring, she checked out fine, he said she’s just still recovering from the virus. So, we wait. A few more days he says, and she should be completely healthy again.

Meanwhile, Pebble had her very first dentist appointment today. She was a super star and it was no drama at all. I also had my first dental appointment for about two years….. and boy, do I know about it! I’ve always had healthy teeth, and very little need for attention (except for that whole ‘braces’ thing in my teens). This time it seems I’ve pushed things too far and I’m paying the price – I actually can’t even tell you how many fillings I need and what kind they are, I literally lost count. She said I could have two appointments or four to get the work done. I opted to get it over and done with, so two it is. Just before Christmas. Ho, ho ho.

Have you had your teeth checked recently?



  1. I actually have had my teeth checked recently -and like you it was my first check up in about two years! I was kind of worried because when i was pregnant my gums were really sensitive so i probably didnt brush as hard as i should have... but aside from a bit of tartar which was cleaned up i'm all good!

  2. Oh I hope little Pebble is feeling more herself soon, I'm not very good at having my teeth checked either and could do with a reminder thanks. Hope you have a wonderful day my friend, pop over and have a little laugh at my Halloween photos some time.

    Always Wendy


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