Thursday, October 27, 2011


polka dot red

We’re seeing spots around here lately. Yesterday afternoon Pebble came up with a rash (déjà vu). She’s been a little more clingy, and a little less into food, but other wise ok. The doc says it’s a viral rash, and there’s not much we can do. One of her ears is slighty red and fluidy too, and she’s been grabbing at the other one (strange enough) today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, and we’re booked in for a follow up docs appointment in the arvo.

Of course, this means no child care, so it has been Super Gran and Super Dad to the rescue this week. Grandma looked after Pebble on Wednesday, as usual, then they both took care of her Wednesday night while I was at a Dyslexia information night (two students diagnosed last term), Paul had today off work with her, and tonight he played super daddy again while I went to a loooooooong awaited hair appointment. Bless their cotton socks, I don’t know where I’d be without them both. I am a lucky mummy. You can count this as this week’s grateful!

I’m coming off the back of two long days at work and two busy nights, with Sports Day to look forward to tomorrow, so I’m taking myself to bed very shortly. Go Kookaburras!



  1. Oh poor little bubba. Sounds like she is in great hands though. Times like those are when you really appreciate the dedication of family. Hope she is feeling better really soon :o)

  2. Oh poor thing, hope she gets better soon xx

  3. Poor little one. I hope she feels better soon

  4. Oh no, I hope she's on the mend, Kylie. Thank goodness for those loving links in your support chain!! x


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