Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just call me Martha

School holidays are still going here in South Australia. One more week to go, thank goodness! I lost one week already to …. well, you know how it went. The good news is that I seem to have spent the last 24 hours with little or no symptoms and I’m ready to embrace the next week before it slips out from under me.

I did manage to fit one little bit of joy into last week. I did some CRAFT! I’m not a crafter. I may be a junior primary teacher, sure, and I’m supposed to be good with all that stuff. Give me a craft cupboard and a bunch of six year olds and I’ll work it, baby. But the stuff for grown ups? Not so great.


However, I came across this little project and I was all “I can totally do THAT!”. I had some tissue paper laying around (thanks, Mel!) and I gave the flower part a go. Pfft. Easy peasy! I found some crappy twine which just wouldn’t compliment my gorgeous crafty flowers so I popped into a local craft store to see what they could offer me. It was like entering an alternate universe! The woman looked at me a little strangely when I asked for her prettiest twine, then even more strangely when I explained my project. I think I was in more of a needle-nook kind of place, than a fold-paper-and-string-it-up kind of place.


However, I persisted and after describing what it was that I was looking for we eventually found just the thing. Green velvet ribbon. Who knew? I sure didn’t. Then I got it home and improvised a little on the original design. No needles for me, I just hole punched a hole in each flower and threaded through that green velvet ribbon. No tying necessary, the friction of tissue paper on velvet was a match made in crafty heaven.


I fiddled about decorating Pebble’s room. I wanted the garland for a corner above her bed that had recently been stripped bare. I had previously hung some heavy framed, glass cased pictures from  the book “Guess How Much I Love You”. See the original post here*. As you can see, we were worried about the weight of them then, and somehow the transition from cot to bed increased my anxiety about them, so we got rid of them. To be repurposed – stay tuned!

I think the garland looks just lovely. I love that every time I walk into Pebble’s room I think “I made that!”. I have a few ideas to complete the look, it needs just a little something more….

Are you a crafter? What have you made lately?


*I am SO frustrated that I accidentally deleted an album of photos linking to my blog, and that lots photos from a period of a couple of months last year have now disappeared. I am in the process of reinstating them to their original glory, but it’s a. very. slow. process.

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