Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whether it’s because of this growing sac of goodness knows what, or nerves over what exactly is growing inside the little sac, I have had two days of nausea. Yesterday I thought I had a bug as two of my kids were clutching their bellies yesterday and were sent home sick. I had toast and a crumpet for dinner, as that’s all I could handle. More toast for breakfast this morning. For some reason I want boiled eggs for lunch, so that’s what I’m having. Some things seem like a good idea and totally edible, and other things make my stomach turn.
I also have even less brain cells than usual. I had a literacy training session to attend in the city last night. I rushed off after school, drove into the city, got a park 1/2 an hour early, went for a slow stroll around the city, then returned to find out – nope, wrong date lady. Come back in two weeks! So off I went again, into the city traffic to get home. Silly girl! I’d like to claim pregnancy brain, but this behaviour isn’t too unusual for me.
I had extra pain last night – if I didn’t know any better I would have could it period pain. Mild period pain, but period pain. This was scary, but I kept telling myself that there is nothing I can do. This morning it is back to mild tension across the pelvis, which is par for the course over the last two or three weeks. No blood.
In other news, I found out that my friend Kelly is planning on getting married in Tasmania in November, and would like Paul and I to come along. They’re paying accommodation, we just have to get there. I have been waiting until this Friday to tell my lady friends about the potential baby, when we have our lady dinner, but I decided to call Kel last night and fill her in. Now I just don’t know what to do! We can go, but I don’t know if travelling at 7 1/2 months preggas (fingers crossed) is a good idea! I have asked my experienced friends for some advice on this.

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