Sunday, January 3, 2010

Could this be the last pregnancy update?

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39 weeks today, and feeling pretty good, all things considered! Some things I’m noticing right now are:
  • my hair is back to the same awesomeness of early pregnancy – no hair falling out, and hardly needs a wash (once every three days!). My nails are also growing like crazy – but unfortunately so are my eyebrows!
  • my fingers are all crampy, especially when I’m trying open jars or bottles. It feels like I can’t get a good grip, and when I do get a good grip it kind of hurts.
  • I’m having braxton hicks quite a few times a day, nothing major, just all over tummy tightness.
  • Pebble has hiccups at least once a day, sometimes I can feel them very strongly, and Mr RG can feel them too. Other times I feel them really deep inside, but not outside.
  • I have a pimple! This is not ordinarily news in my world, I am prone to pimples, but when I saw one on my chest this morning I realised that I haven’t seen one anywhere on my body for MONTHS.
  • my sinus-y, teary eye has FINALLY cleared up! It’s been months since it started weeping randomly, and I was constantly dabbing with a tissue. It got infected a couple of months ago, then cleared up with antibiotics but continued to weep without pain. Then last week started hurting again really badly. I put a warm flannel on it for about ten minutes and ever since then it’s all gone!
  • I am increasingly uncomfortable, and very wriggly. I also have itchy skin! All over I keep getting little itches. I either have fleas or yet another quirk of pregnancy.
  • The lovely reflux continues, especially a couple of hours after being asleep/laying down. I wake up with burny sickness in my throat. A couple of quickeeze and an extra pillow is enough to get my by.
  • Pebble is still moving around in there, I think a little less than the last few weeks, but there are still big movements which feel like stretches. They are often felt as a hard pointy thing on my right side. I guess a bottom or an elbow? It’s back is supposed to be on my right side, and feet pushing out to the left, so I don’t think it’s a foot.
It won’t be long now!

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  1. Hi Kylie, I haven't checked in for ages. I can't believe pebble is almost here. Incase I don't come back for a while I[m going to say goodluck and congrats now :)


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