Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was walking past our local op-shop when I spotted this little gem in the window.

Only $1.99 for a classic baby toy! I snapped it up, have given it a thorough wash. So far Pebble loves to grab the rings, wave them frantically in the air, then let go randomly and watch them fly.
What do you think of pre-loved items for babies? Yay, or nay?


  1. I bought my girls some duplo from the Salvos store. That stuff lasts a lifetime and is quite expensive, so when I saw a box for $6 I snapped it up. It's a favourite with them and their friends.

    Kids, babies especially, grow out of things so quickly that I live pre-loved is great.

  2. love love love them. preloved is always the way to go. I get a kick out of going to Baby & kids markets and snapping up bargains. 90% of the stuff is plastic which lasts forever and only needs a clean.


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