Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pebble – 7 months

Seven months old today! Pebble is really getting around now, she’s into everything now that she’s crawling. We’ve had to barricade the entertainment units and cupboards, and put all the cords away. You think we’d have been on top of this, we’ve had long enough to plan for it! But somehow we’re only just getting organised. Pebble also loves to roll around in her walker, going around and around the dining table and the kitchen island. We keep the walker stints to a minimum, but boy oh boy, does she love that thing!
Pebble is getting quite clingy now, and she loves to follow me across the room and butt her head up against my ankles while grunting and whinging. At night, only mum will do, which is not great sometimes. Being a breastfed baby, Paul has never been able to get up in the night and feed her, so it’s expected that she only wants me. I do {mostly} love our feeding cuddles though, even at 3am.
Pebble is eating three meals a day, and has a very sweet tooth. She loves pureed fruit, but turns her nose up at veggies unless they’ve got fruit mixed with them. She also eats rice cereal and LOVES natural yoghurt.
Her favourite book at the moment is The Only Me by Meredith Harvey and Amanda Graham. It has big pictures of babies faces and bodies, and she will sit and stare and listen while I read it again and again.
Pebble loves to play with balls, especially her big soft soccer ball, and her small hard Australia soccer ball. She crawls around the lounge room, knocking the ball with her fist, then chasing it and knocking it again. She also LOVES her black and white cushion, of all things. She’ll drag it around with her, and roll around with it in her arms, gabbing away to it.
While she’s slept through the night twice recently, the last few nights have been not so good. Pebble has woken every hour to have her dummy put back in, and I’m now at the threshold of deciding what to do about that problem. Speaking of problems, just writing this post has taken me all day, because little Miss Pebble has been very, very grumpy. The other photos were actually taken yesterday, technically still six months old. But the seven month photo will officially be this one:


  1. She is a cherub.
    My little one will be 8 months in a week. He also likes fruit, yoghurt and rice cereal. He is a fan of 3am cuddles and, being breastfed, prefers me to his dad at that supremely awful hour night after night. He is also a crankpot at the moment. In his case it's that he's teething
    It's such a lovely time to enjoy. I absolutely love that last photo of the two of you

  2. Aww that last photo made me laugh..hope she has a better day tomorrow :) Charlotte and Coop are so a like..he loves chasing his balls around and has a bloody fetish with CORDS..what is it with cords and babies? It's amazing how they can go from absolute sweethearts to little demons in a day. Happy 7 months Charlotte.

  3. Nice pics of Charlotte. she's growing up so fast!!!!

    Another suggestion re the dummy. A friend of mine scattered 6 or so dummies around the cot, figuring her child would eventually find one of them. It seemed to work for her but the downside was that the child fast got used to having one in her mouth and holding one in each hand.....

    See you soon.



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