Wednesday, August 11, 2010


6 months, 3 weeks old: learning to crawl.

I think I’ll be hitting up the child safety section at the shops this week, while simultaneous growing eyes in the back of my head. Where’s my baby gone?


  1. Bunnings is the go Kylie - cheaper and the best brand is Dream Baby in our experience.

    What a clever little Charlotte! :)

  2. Too cute! She's up on her knees early... out of the 10 regualr babies at my mums group, 3 boys can crawl but none of the girls! Flynn is launching himself from sitting to his tummy all the time but still can;t get up on hands and knees at the same time.
    However....can pull himself up on furniture/my leg/the edge of the bath from sitting straight to standing. Maybe he wont crawl at all and will just start walking?!?


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