Thursday, August 12, 2010

Through. The. Night.

Like some friends of mine, I am worried about saying this out loud but ….Pebble slept Through The Night last night! I SO badly needed it too, it was perfect timing. I don’t want to get my hopes up about a repeat performance…. but I can’t help it just a little bit!
I’ve been hearing of other babes doing this for ages, some since eight weeks old! I haven’t wanted to push Pebble or dramatically change her routine to encourage sleeping through, as I believe that she is a very active and hungry baby, and has needed the food.
Since starting solids I’ve been hoping, waiting, for that elusive sleep through. It’s been about a month now, with three meals a day (did I tell you? It’s going really well!). Still, I’ve been getting up at least once a night, sometimes twice. Not to mention the catnapping. No big day sleeps for this busy babe! I know, it could be a lot worse.
Perhaps Pebble felt the threat of that famous book Save Our Sleep that I was researching last night. I downloaded the set of documents for her age group for a mere $6. It has been an interesting read so far, and I will adopt some parts of it, but not all.
In any case, I will take that SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT sleep that I enjoyed last night, and run with it. Whatever will be, will be.
How much sleep did you get last night?



  1. Go Charlotte! Maybe all the extra exercise while she's learning to crawl has worn her out. Keep it up Charlotte!!!

  2. Yay Charlotte and Yay for Kylie!!!!

    I found with the girls that when they started getting more active and eating solids, their sleep did improve somewhat.

    Loved save our sleep, although a lot really didn't apply when you have twins!!! But i'll be sure to read it again with this next one.

    Hope the sleeping continues!


  3. Well done, Charlotte! I hope it continues.

    I had very little sleep last night. My three-year-old sleeps through the night about once a month and my two-year-old decided it would be fun to play all night!


  4. How great it is when they sleep through..yay for Charlotte!I love it when Coop sleeps through..even if it is til 4.30am ;) I thought Charlotte and Coop must be around the same age as they seem to be doing a lot of similar cute is this age, minus the whole teething part! Hope you get another good night's sleep..

  5. My fingers are crossed for you guys! Flynn satrted sleeping through from about 10 weeks but then, at 4 and half months, it all stopped. He's now 7 and half months and i think i've had 3 sleep throughs in those 3 months... on a good night i'm up once. On a bad night, i'm up once - but that once is staying awake for 3 or 4 hours...

  6. Hurrah!!!!!!!! I hope it's the sign of things to come. :) xo


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