Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food, glorious food.

My weekend has been full of delicious food and wonderful family. We tried Liss’ chicken on Friday night and it was awesome, it really hit the spot. Make sure you give it a try! I simultaneously made a caramel mud cake ready for Paul’s mum’s birthday party on Saturday. It worked out quite well, and would have been better if I hadn’t neglected to keep an eye on the temperature and timing while cooking the chicken. A friend made it recently and hers was beautiful, so I can recommend the recipe, but can’t really recommend my cooking skills!
Saturday morning we were frantically getting the last minute bits and pieces ready for the birthday party at our house. It was low key, everyone was bringing a plate (or a casserole dish of curry, as it happens) so I’m not sure how I ended up chasing my tail so much? I think everything is just that much more difficult to do when you’ve got a little one who has her own demands.
The communal curry birthday was a huge hit. We had tasty beef curry, moreish rice pilaf, scrummy bombay potatoes and delicious dahl (definitely a keeper). Not to forget the roti, pappadums and steamed jasmine rice…. and the cucumber raita that I did forget to put out on the table. I wonder if Pebble would like to eat it for lunch today? Needless to say there was no need for dinner after such a gorgeous spread at lunch time.
When the food was all but gone and the last of the guests farewelled, Paul and I enjoyed some wine and Iron Chef before collapsing into bed.
Have you had any delicious food this weekend? Tell me about it!


  1. Yum. Glad you loved the chicken - such an easy winner!

    That feast looks fab. Must really organise a pot luck dinner when the weather warms up a little! Love them!

  2. That lunch spread sounds awesome! No fancy, scrumptious food for me this weekend but plenty of funny family moments - which are just as good!


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