Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Father’s Day

Worlds greatest dad - footballer  

It’s coming! It’s Paul’s first Father’s Day and I’d really like to make it special for him. I have a couple of gift ideas ready and in progress, as well as a super cute card (all will be revealed later).

What did your Baby Daddy get for his first Father’s Day? What are you planning to give him this year?

Hints and tips please!!



  1. Socks and soap on a rope and aftershave. I think I even threw in a 'World's Greatest Dad' coffee cup. In effect, every dodgy present we got our own father for father's day year after year. He LOVED it, but that could just be us!!

  2. Sam just scrapes in for this years Father's Day & I am so excited about making him feel special for his very first!

  3. I gave Mick some t-shirts as a present for Fathers Day last year when i was pregnant, but this will be first proper Fathers Day. Dont know what we're going to get him yet, but whatever it is i'm sure he'll love it!

  4. I've been thinking about the very same thing. We are going to get T some dodgy stuff - socks and dressing gown! But I've also ordered him some gorgeous stamped cufflinks and collar bones with the boys' initials and date of birth on them. Plus a blown up photo - my favourite of the three of them :)
    That and a sleep in!

  5. The Dazzler got his first, when we were still in hospital! Little tacklebox with gear to be used together.


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