Monday, November 15, 2010

Family, friends, markets, oh my!

What a busy and fun weekend we’ve had! I feel absolutely exhausted, but in a good way. On Friday night we celebrated my little sister turning 21 – hip hip hooray!! We went to a pub, some of us ate schnitzels larger than our own heads, and enjoyed a very pretty butterfly covered chocolate mud cake. The baby cousins fell asleep like the little angels that they are, aren’t they sweet?



On Saturday I zipped into the Big W for the one day sale. Bedlam! There were people everywhere, LOTS of mums and dads with their trolley loads of nappies (Huggies had a big special). I got my nappies and got outta there! In the arvo Paul trimmed and re-staked our rose bushes while Pebble and I played, and I got a little bit more party planning done. The poor young rose bushes were so heavy with roses that they were falling over! The growth this year has been fantastic, but the bushes can’t quite cope with it.


Update on the party planning – the first guest list was for 116 people. Um. NO. The second still-large-but-more-conservative list is for 55 people including children and babies. That’s just close family and close friends! I’m still going with the duck theme, more of an indulgence for mummy than for Pebble. I know she won’t remember any of it, but I’ll have fun getting it all ready, and she’ll enjoy it on the day. Pebble loves busy, loud, and lots of people, thankfully, and I think she’ll have a good day.

On Sunday morning, while Paul helped my Dad and step-mum move into their lovely new home, I stopped in at the launch of Lollipop Markets. It was so pretty and organised, and stuffed to the brim with gorgeous, handmade goodies for kids. I bought my step-sister a cute-as-can-be shower gift for a few weeks time, as well as a few (ok, quite a few) little things for Pebble. More about that later …


Sunday afternoon we went to a good friend’s engagement party, where we relaxed on the grass at the local national park and whiled away the hours in their honour. The wedding is in February, how exciting!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with them some more. When all the celebrating for the day was done we went home and tried out Pebble’s new toy – on loan from her cousins while they’re both too big and too little to use it. This walker is just perfect for Pebble at the moment, she’s loving the chance to walk up and down the lounge room. She’s not quite got the turning thing sorted yet, so that’s mum and dad’s (constant) job. Thanks Aunty Skye, big kisses from Pebble xx


Perhaps all that fresh air and walking was just the thing that Pebble needed. Last night was the first. night. ever. that Pebble has slept from 9pm to 7am without waking up. No midnight feed. Only once did I get up to put her dummy back in, at 5am. Wow! I’m not holding my breath for more, I’m not expecting a repeat performance. I’m just enjoying the one night that we had, and I’ll remember it fondly always.

How was your weekend?



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