Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lollipop, lollipop, l-l-l-lollipop!


As I mentioned earlier this week I had a fabulous time at the launch of Lollipop Markets on the weekend. I had a little shopping list in mind, Christmas is coming, everyone around me is having babies, and Pebble’s first birthday and Christmas are just around the corner!

I love many of the sellers that were represented at the markets, who mostly sell their wares online. However, I am not the most confident online buyer (which is probably for the best – for my credit card at least!). I find it really difficult to commit to an online buy. I love to see up close, to touch, and to chat to the sellers. So a market is perfect for me – I get to do all of that AND this market had EFTPOS facilities. How awesome (and deadly?!) is that!?

I arrived as the market opened, keen to get in and out before Pebble had her morning nap. I wasn’t at all prepared for just how BIG the market was, and how many beautiful stalls there would be. Just when I thought I’d seen it all I turned a corner and there was more, and more, and more!

One of the very first stalls I came across was the talented fellow blogger Cat from Wouldn’t It Be Loverly. I have been so removed from the blogging world lately that I didn’t realise she would be there, and it was truly a lovely surprise. Cat was selling some beautiful things, including one of my favourites, customised children’s handprint embroidery. Check out her Facebook page for a sneaky peek! (I did take a photo of the stall but it’s blurry and doesn’t do the gorgeousness justice!).

I toured the whole market and took note of a few pretty things that I had my eye on. I was on the look out for a Christmas sack and stocking for Pebble, and there were lots of those to choose from. After much deliberation I chose this pretty little sack from Little Boombalada, and this stocking from Sassilu.



I can’t share with you the pressie I bought for my step-sister’s baby shower, just in case she sees this! But I can tell you I snapped it up from Mon Petit Cherie and it’s terribly, terribly cute!

Finally I bought two outfits for Pebble – one for Christmas day and one for her birthday. I rarely buy Pebble clothes, as we’re very lucky to have many hand-me-downs from her friends and cousins, as well as still working our way through many cute pressies from when she was born. So this was a great treat (for me!) to buy such beautiful things. I decided on a Gracie Lou outfit, as I was so pleased with the last one that we were gifted. This is the top, and the matching pink and while polka dotted skirt is on order.


The other beautiful outfit is from Muddy Ruffles. I love that Pebble will be able to grow into it, as this dress can later be worn as a top.


To top off both of these I couldn’t resist picking up a headband from Nooni and Boo. It looks beautiful on Pebble, and is nice and stretchy for her little (or not so little) head.


Finally I bought a treat for both Paul and I – a cupcake each from Lulu’s cupcakes. Oh my goodness, my little cupcake was divine! So moist and sweet and yummmmmm.


A quick shout out to those that I loved but didn’t indulge in on the day: Pink Apple (pretty fabric necklaces for grown ups!), koochie koo (beautiful fabric covered notebooks), and Miss Amali’s Things (gorgeous fabric activity clutches). And many, many more…

You simply must yourself to the next Lollipop Market if you’re in Adelaide… dates and venues are on the website!



  1. Kylie - Thank you so much for your blog! Your comments mean so much to me.
    As a stay at home mum (loving every moment with my little munchkin Charlize) I really enjoy creating unique funky clothes for kids - Mon petit cherie! It really gives me pleasure to create things that others love too. Once again - thank you

  2. Hi Kylie - thanks so much for the lovely mention in your gorgeous blog... and thanks also for your purchase...!
    Kelly from Little Boombalada. x


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