Tuesday, August 30, 2011


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History, it seems, repeats itself. I was just flicking through my blog posts from this time last year and I came across this one.  The One With The Co-Sleeping.

So, what’s changed? Well, I can tell you that there is no longer three people sleeping in our bed each night. Oh no. Only two people in that bed.

Sorry? What? Which two people?…..

……Pebble and I.


So the story goes like this: for months now Pebble has been waking in the wee hours (post 3am) and coming into our bed. We didn’t mind. Except it was a bit squishy. So for the sake of sleep Paul would go into the spare room and finish the night in the spare bed. No dramas.

Then Pebble got sick with The Cough. She woke up sometime between ohhhhhh, 8pm and 9pm with The Cough and for the sake of some peace for all concerned I bundled her up in bed with me and lots of propping pillows. We slept. A bit.

Then we got through the sickness. We kicked that sucker out of there (for now)!

However. Now Pebble is waking up somewhere around midnight and 1am each night to come into what I’m sure she thinks is “her” bed with me, while Paul goes off to “his” bed on his own.

I can’t complain, really. We’re all getting sleep. The sleep is good! We’ve half heartedly talked about changing things, but really, I don’t think we’re that bothered by things as they are. The good news is that Pebble goes to sleep in her own bed, and stays there for a good long while. Long enough for Paul and I to have some time for “us”. We’re talking about either converting her cot to a toddler bed or using the single bed as her big girl bed, sometime soon. Soon-ish. For now, this is how bed time goes at our place.

How about you? Are you getting sleep?


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