Saturday, September 3, 2011

School Days


Yesterday was Book Week Parade day at school and Grandparents Day. Families came to share and explore, kids were dressed as super heroes and villians, princesses and pirates. The sun was shining and we just soaked it up.

Friday afternoon is time for play. Children don’t get a lot of time to just play, just be, these days. Usually Friday afternoon play for me means time to tie up loose ends, time to assess students individually, time to listen to children read. As an idealistic teaching student this is something that I never wanted to end up doing. I don’t like to drag them away from their play. It doesn’t seem fair. But I do. Because there is no time to do it anywhere else.

Yesterday I let all that pressure fall to the way side, and I played too. I played but I also observed from the fringe, dipping in and out of scenarios to extend, support, guide. Fading out again, unnoticed, as the play continued.

At the end of the day, as we were packing up, one child said thoughtfully, “Some teachers don’t like coming to school”.

I paused and thought about this. I asked “how do you know?”.

“Hmmmm”. He shrugged. “You can tell”.

Fair enough.

I wanted to ask. So I asked. “Do you think I like coming to school?”.

He nodded. “Yeah".

Casually…. “Why do you think that?”.

He considered this for a moment. “Well, you just like being with kids and stuff”.

Yeah. I do. I like being with kids. And stuff.


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  1. Kids can be quite perceptive, can't they? :) It's good you like being with kids and stuff! :D Makes the job a whole lot better!


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