Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Remember the market trip? Well, here’s some of what I came home with….
At least half of that was spent on random delicacies from the indoor market – a macaroon, a whiskey truffle for Paul, a scotch egg for my lunch, and a stick of fritz.
I can’t remember the exact cost of all my produce (except for the disappointing celeriac).  I wasn’t very focussed on the money changing hands. I was too busy on rushing from stall to stall to get what I wanted and then back to Pebble!
So,what to do with all this delicious veg? With little time to research or plan, I resorted to an old favourite – roasted mixed veg. I usually do this by chopping the veg into chunks, dousing with olive oil and roasting at a high heat until done (sometimes throwing some crumbled feta on top at the end – divine!). I haven’t done this since last winter and somehow, this time, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.
The timing was off, the heat was too high, the pan was overcrowded.
I killed them. I well and truly killed these beautiful vegetables.
Paul’s brother was visiting for dinner, and between us Paul and I really didn’t pull it off. Paul cooked the steak on the BBQ, and while I enjoyed it, it was a little on the rare side. Very rare.
And then there was this:
This plate actually doesn’t look that bad. But take a close look at those blackened strips that used to be beautiful, fresh zucchini, eggplant and capsicum. So sad.
The next night I was determined to redeem myself. I did a little bit of research and found a recipe that I could throw together easily: Spiced baby eggplant and capsicum with yoghurt dressing.
Treated with tender loving care…
I tweeked it a bit and ended up adding some mint sauce and lemon juice to the yoghurt dressing, which turned out beautifully.
This salad was rock’n’roll! We ate it with my home made quiche. Sorry for the blurry pic with the baby fingers in the frame – Paul and Pebble were playing and I was trying to be quick in the madness of ‘arsenic hour’.
Tasty and tender!
I would definitely like to relive this salad, I could have eaten a mountain of it just on it’s own. It would be great with lamb too.
All I have left is one lone green capsicum. I wonder what his fate will be?

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  1. I find roast vegies to be one of those things that are quite tempremental! Apparently if you pat down the eggplant first as well it cooks nicer...
    This is just what I have heard!

    I also think that a low, slow cook works best. But you really need to be prepared for that (and I never am).

    That recipe looks yum. I think I will have to try it! I just bought those long eggplants yesterday, so they'll be perfect for it!


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