Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today Pebble and I had an amazingly wonderful day. We spent every minute of it together, playing, enjoying, lapping it up. We started with some nice long cuddles in bed before finally getting up to go and pick up some necessities from the supermarket on our way to another Toddler House visit (read more here and here). Pebble was even more ready to join in the play today, and within 15 minutes of our visit she was running laps around the yard with only the odd glance to see that I was within easy reach. By the end of the visit she had toddled off to the sandpit area on her own, leaving me in the yard with some of the other kids. I am really pleased with how well she’s settling in – the squeal of delight when we get to the car park and the cries of dismay when I say it’s time to go are a good sign. This will be tested when I attempt my first proper drop off on Thursday this week. I will say goodbye to Pebble for half an hour, while I go and sit in the car and fret about her emotional well being. She will be fine. I may need a big hug.

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Following that successful and happy morning we dropped into mother’s group at a local cafe and met the first new baby #2 of the group, along with two of the newly pregnant mummies. It seems that making second babies is all the rage in this particular group. Nope, not for our family, thanks for asking.

After mother’s group Pebble fell fast asleep on the way home and stayed in bed for a long nap, letting me get on with some chores. I finished the ironing, washed the clay out of Paul’s gardening clothes from the weekend, and cleaned the kitchen. Didn’t I just feel like Super Susie Homemaker?

When Pebble woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed I decided to follow on from one of this week’s episodes of Play School, where they made cars and raced them. Pebble helped me to make a box car for her to ride in. We used an old nappy box, four paper places for the wheels and one for the steering wheel, ribbons for ‘seat belts’, a few stickers and a bit of lace for decoration and LOTS of strong tape. Pebble helped with the folding, sticking and decorating.


Unfortunately the finished product was nothing but mildly terrifying to poor Pebble. I tried to fit her into the car but I’d made the seat belts too tight the first time around, so she got a little squished and quite put off the whole thing. After adjusting the belts and giving all the toys a go in the car Pebble was quite keen to have another. She was soon zooming around the house in her super cool new wheels, looking quite pleased with herself.



With the afternoon looming ahead I thought it would be good to get some fresh air. We grabbed wellies, beanies and a bucket and went outside for a nature treasure hunt. We grabbed interesting bits and bobs from around the garden, venturing as far as the play ground across the road to find the most interesting pieces. Of course, that meant we had to PLAY!


Feeling ready for a nice snuggle in front of the fire with a book, we went indoors and did just that.

Today I am feeling very grateful for all the happiness and health that I and my family experience every day. Blessed are we if we are lucky enough for this to continue into the very distant future. I wish the same for all of you.


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  1. That is a GREAT day for a little (and Bigger) lady!


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